Build 3 – The Phase Ship!

By May 1, 2015May 10th, 2015Uncategorized


Introducing, the sleekest addition to your armada, the Phase Ship! This agile, advanced-level craft has the ability to move through the Bitwall, leaving behind a holographic decoy that shoots at enemies.


We felt that, while in Endless Mode, the environment should reflect the waves of difficulties you encounter. Now, when you make it through a wave, the background scene will shift to become more menacing and ominous. Check out the timelapse creation of one of these beautiful background scenes.


The Scores option on the Main menu is now active and will take you to the new High Score menu. The High Score menu allows you to view top players for single and multi-player leaderboards on all three difficulties.


Other Stuff

  • Added a Keybinding menu to the Options menu, to customize movement and combat controls!
  • Added a Credits screen to the Options menu, to see the list of folks making Galacide!
  • Added a splash screen with logos and legal jargon.