Build 8 – The Final Countdown!

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Last November, 10 developers flew hundreds of miles from England, Australia, Germany and all over the United States, to create a new game. Tired from the trip, we spent the week relaxing, discussing and creating the foundation of a game that would become Galacide. It was developed from the start using a prototype that would drive the direction of the game. After 9 months of grueling work, exhibiting at our first conference, and opening a new office, we feel Galacide is ready for prime time.

From the bottom of our hearts, we must thank you. Our readers, our players, our fans, friends and family, who have all helped support this project from inception to completion. This is a game that we’re proud to call ours, and now we want you to have it.

We’re releasing Galacide to the public today, July 28th.

The last Early Access content patch is releasing this morning, Build 8. It includes tons of polish, optimizations and new content. Here are some of the changes that we’ve been hard at work on for the last few weeks.

Conclusion of the campaign

In this patch we are releasing our final set of levels including  Debris Field, Desert Ruins and Scrapyard. Also we have added the character dialog to the game if you would like to read about the creation of the characters for Galacide you can go to our blog

New Bosses

Pretty much everything has been updated including the old bosses but I will just focus on two of the new ones. First off we have added fight sequences that you will encounter at the ends of levels 1 and 4.

We have also added our end boss into the game, The Bit-Matriarch, you will encounter her after fighting your way through the Scrapyard!

Military Ship

We added the final ship to the game it focuses primarily on offense with a fast shooting machine gun, missile volleys, and the ability to dash through bits and enemies.

Release Build Change log


  • Bomb damage increased from 500 to 1200 so it now destroys most enemies.
  • Scrap no longer fire bullets.
  • Increased the size of Player respawn blast radius.
  • Holding a scrap highlights all Bits of that color.
  • Cleared Bits now spawn projectiles that damage enemies and do damage based on your combo.
  • “Taking Out the Trash” achievement now requires you to clear 750 Bits in a level.
  • “We’ve Got Hostiles” achievement now requires you to kill 500 enemies in a level.
  • “The Final Frontier” now requires you to travel 500k units.

Player Ships:

  • Added Military Ship
    • Weapon Levels: Autogun, Wave Gun, Extra Missiles
    • Ramming Speed! Smashes through Bits in the direction being held.
    • Unlocked by defeating the Bit Matriarch.
  • Added an achievement for unlocking the Military Ship.
  • Freighter now becomes unlocked when beating level 1.
  • Ships now all have a win animation, instead of a warp-out explosion.


  • Gun Turrets no longer spawn on the top/bottom rows of bits that are mostly off screen.
  • Linking Turrets now maintain their link for a while after their connection goes off screen.


  • Snake Boss spawns powerups based on the color of the scrap used to damage him.
  • Scrap inside the Snake Boss belly is easier to see.
  • Eradicator bombs drop experience powerups when destroyed before exploding.
  • Added a new Eradicator boss that will appear in level 5 Desert Ruins.
  • Added a fight sequence to the end of Campaign Level 1 – Asteroid Belt, which acts as a boss.


  • Tutorial is now named Introduction.
  • Remade the Tutorial to include updated mechanics and hopefully better explain old mechanics.
  • Eradicator in Campaign Level 2 – Mine Entrance is now at the end of the level instead of in the middle.
  • Added Campaign Levels 4-6: Debris Field, Desert Ruins, and Scrapyard.
  • Added Dialog to Campaign


  • Added “Clear All the Bits” goal to Puzzle Mode level display banner.
  • Removed combo display from puzzle mode.
  • Changed the clear time in puzzle mode from 1.2 seconds to 1.0 seconds.
  • Changed Morphing tier to be named Circuits.
  • Modified some puzzles to more clearly present the mechanics they are intended to test.


  • Added a combo counter to the hud tracks your current combo and current score multiplier.
  • HUD elements flash when player takes damage and pulse red when health is low.
  • Increased player ship feedback when taking damage or gaining experience.
  • When respawning, a popup displays how many lives remain.
  • The End of Mission screen shows a notification if you unlocked a ship or mode.
  • In Ship Selection, locked ships show silhouettes and a description of how to unlock them.
  • The End of Mission screen shows your max Bit combo, how much damage you took, and how many times you died.
  • On the Star Map, difficulty descriptions now appear under the difficulty selection.
  • Difficulty names on end screen are now the same color as the difficulty color on the Star Map.
  • Made it so score isn’t added until you lose your combo and then it is added all at once.
  • Score now counts up instead of just changing all at once.
  • Made the player widget larger and added labels to it.


  • Rearranged Star Map slightly for better flow.
  • Collision optimizations.
  • Added controller vibration controls.
  • Added music to Ship Selection, Puzzle maps, Eradicator and fight sequences, the Bit Matriarch, and Victory music.
  • Added more LOD and Material Level settings.
  • Texture and Material optimizations.
  • Lots of optimization work.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed HUD Emboss colors on Linux/Mac
  • Fixed a possible crash caused by not properly being connected to steam.