Builld 2 (Hotfix)

By April 27, 2015May 10th, 2015Releases

Hey everyone!

We’re hitting the ground running pretty hard with a Hotfix to our initial release. This release isn’t super imperative, so it’s not technically a hotfix. However, it fixes a few things we wanted to address in our initial release. It should already be live for everyone on Steam.

  • Added a multi-match bonus, which gives extra score if the player connects clearing bits with other bits of the same color.
  • Added difficulty to the Game End screen in Endless Mode.
  • Added ability to skip high score submission.
  • Added some checks to prevent a crash that occurs around respawning.
  • Added some checks for disabling high score when it shouldn’t be enabled.
  • Added a timeout when submitting a high score, so it doesn’t endlessly try to submit.
  • Attempt to fix problem that caused some bits to be invincible.
  • Turrets no longer keep firing if their parent bits are in the process of being solved.
  • Removed some floating red particles that looked bad.
  • Removed workaround that allows using the Freighter in tutorial.