Galacide Early Access trailer and Build 5 release!

By June 11, 2015June 15th, 2015Media, News Updates, Releases, Uncategorized

Today we’re releasing an update for Galacide and a new trailer showcasing our gameplay and features! This update includes new enemies, level improvements, a new mini boss, a projectile visual overhaul, and more!

As a result of these changes all campaign progress has been reset.

New Enemies

We added two new enemies in this patch: the Beam Destroyer and Linking Turrets.

We’ve also reworked the two shooting enemies, the Defender and Fighter. They now have multiple shot patterns and scale with difficulty.

Level Updates

We continued to work on the first batch of campaign levels, adding in the new enemies and bit sequences, and continuing balance work. The bit sequences are a new feature which adds scripted bit patterns into the levels. This helps us easily tailor the puzzle difficulty relative to the action.

Mini Boss

We added another boss into the game, Eradicator 29b! He appears in the second level of the campaign, the Mine Entrance, and will also be included among the randomly chosen bosses after Threat Level 5 in Endless Play.

Projectile Visual Update

We didn’t think the current bullets were very easy to see, and with the enemy reworks there are a lot more of them! The particles themselves got a visual overhaul, and we changed the colors of the bullets to be more distinct. Each pattern has its own color to make it easier for players to recognize and adapt.

Additional Changes

Player Ships:

  • Added a short invulnerability to player ships after they are hit.
  • Changed Player 4 color from dark blue to dark green.
  • Adjusted player icon and HUD colors to more closely match the ship colors.
  • Slightly reduced the size of the Freighter to match the collision boxes.
  • Improved Phase ship animations.


  • Updated the enemies’ eye lens material to be more visible from the side.
  • Changed the skin of the fighter enemy to differ more from the normal shooter enemy.


  • Increased the length of the Asteroid Belt campaign map.
  • Improved visual quality of background art, and added some new things!

Snake Boss:

  • Snake Boss now always fires a bullet at the end of the vacuum phase.
  • Improved the consistency of Snake Boss state changes when he’s injured.
  • Adjusted the timing and location of some of the Snake Boss’s abilities.
  • Updated Snake Boss animations to be more visibly distinct.
  • Adjusted the blend duration on some Snake Boss animations to make them transition more smoothly.


  • Added a short grid effect around cleared bits when a match occurs.
  • Added a screen shake effect when enemies explode.
  • Adjusted scrap attachment position on player ships to a “more correct” location.
  • Adjusted scrap tracer origin to align better with the bitwall.
  • Reduced volume of node pings on the Star Map by 50%.
  • Several Star Map visual updates.
  • Graphics optimizations on the Campaign levels.

Bug Fixes:

  • Firing a scrap and continuing to hold the Fire button no longer instantly picks up an already overlapping scrap.
  • The ready timer now properly resets on the Ship Select screen.
  • The Player ship respawn explosion more consistently damages enemies.
  • The Player spawning slow-motion effect no longer occurs upon initially spawning into a level.
  • Main Menu/Star Map music now loops instead of just playing once and stopping.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of texture popping at the beginning of a level.

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