Galacide Sale and Build 4 News!

By May 10, 2015News Updates

Hi everyone!

First, we wanted to mention that Galacide is now on the Humble Store and on sale! For two weeks, during Humble Bundle’s Store Spring Sale, Galacide will be 10% off so you can pick it up for $8.99 USD.


Right now, we’re engaged in two week “sprints” of work. This means, that we set out to do two weeks worth of work and at the end, we release a big update to Steam! In the meantime, however, we’d like to let everyone know how Build 4 is progressing.

This week on Galacide we spent a lot of time working on our first and second bosses in the game, as well as levels for campaign mode. We’ve also been refining the difficulty for Endless mode, making easy a bit more accessible and balancing out the others.

Signs fly in alerting you as to how far you are in Endless mode

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The same prop in use prior to entering an asteroid mine level. What do you think?

Another shot of the asteroid mine interior.